The club depends on the enthusiasm of its members for its existence. As a member you will be expected to attend the monthly meetings (or give apologies if you cannot). In addition it is expected that you will support club activities such as trips, holidays and major events such as President's Day and the main lunches (summer, autumn and Christmas). It is understood that not everyone can do them all and some events will not be attractive to everybody. You can pick and choose as many or as few as you wish.

President's Day is however our main function in the year when we raise money for the president's chosen charities and it's "a grand day out".

Members are always needed to fill various committee and officer positions and may be invited to do so in the absence of volunteers. Sometimes we find newer members are reluctant to participate but we welcome their support and hope they will feel that club membership entails a responsibility to contribute to the running and enjoyment of the club for everyone's benefit.
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