Speakers 2021

**...** indicates Zoom meetings.


Live meetings will resume in St Thomas's Church Hall, Henbury for the September meeting.



**January 20**
David Skillen — "The Many behind The Few"
**January 27** as guests of Fulshaw Probus — "Butterfly Gardening"

**February 17**
Keith Stevens — "From Flint to Fusion"

**March 17**
Steven Wells — "The Story of Butlin's Holiday Camps"



**April 21**
Graham Harrison — "Poisons for Medicine"

**May 19**
Dave McCadden — "Beyond the Yorkshire Ripper"

**June 16**
Julie Smalley — "2020 Bicentenary of Joseph Banks (botanist with Captain Cook)"

**July 21**
Rob Faulkner — "A Brief History of British Carrier Flying"

**August 18**
Judy Popley — "The History of Trafford Park"

September 15
Geoff Scargill — "The Channel Islands under German Occupation"

October 20
Peter Sykes — "DIY Surgery"

November 17
Keith Stevens — "Money makes the World go Round"

December 8
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